Paws on the Moors is a one stop shop of information for dog owners visiting the moors, and part of the wider moors for the future partnership project.

Moors for the Future is a partnership project to restore large parts of the internationally important Peak District moors. Through a programme of new initiatives it aims to:

Raise awareness of why the moors are special and encourage responsible use and care of the landscape

Restore and conserve important recreational and natural moorland resources

Develop expertise on how to protect and manage the moors sustainably The Paws on the Moors initiative is one small element of Moors for the Future Partnership project, and was developed following concerns that uncontrolled dogs disturbed livestock and wildlife, in particular ground-nesting birds, on the Peak District moors.

Many visitors are simply unaware that an uncontrolled dog can have such devastating effects on the moorland environment. We hope this project provides accessible and bite-size advice in a variety of formats for people to digest and understand, and thus enable you to act more responsibly as a dog owner and minimise any negative impact on the habitat.

The three year project had three aims:

  • To innovatively and positively inform dog owners that responsible dog owners were welcome on the moors thus, avoiding traditional approaches to this issue where, they have previously been made to feel unwelcome to the countryside
  • To use a variety of media to deliver the message 'uncontrolled dogs pose a threat to wildlife, livestock and potentially themselves' in an engaging manner so that it appeals to as wide an audience as possible
  • To provide free access to the media

The website acts as a 'one-stop-shop' of information for dog owners including dog friendly B&B's, local vets, dog first aid, plus the podcast, animation and other free downloads. Armed with this information, we hope you can visit the Peak District knowing how to behave responsibly and who to contact in an emergency, increasing the enjoyment of your visit.

In November 2007, the initiative won a commendation in the Association of Heritage Interpretations 'Interpret Britain and Ireland Awards'.

The Kennel Club have played an instrumental role in developing the messages in this initiative and great thanks goes to Steve Jenkinson, the Kennel Club Access Advisor, who has provided great assistance.

The Paws on the Moors project has been the brainchild of Dan Boys, Moor Care Project Officer for Moors for the Future.